What is the point of intersection when the system of equations below is graphed on the coordinate plane?

Accepted Solution

Answer:This system of equations has infinite points of intersectionStep-by-step explanation:* To know the point of intersection of the system of equations,   you will solve the graphically or algebraically- Graphically by drawing two lines on the coordinate plane- Algebraically by substitution method or elimination method* Lets use the substitution method∵ y = 4 - x∵ 2y = 8 - 2x- Substitute y in the second equation by its value in the  first equation∴ 2(4 - x) = 8 - 2x ⇒ open the bracket∴ 8 - 2x = 8 - 2x * The two sides equal each other, that means we can use any   vales of x, and on the graph they will be the same line for   the two equations∴ This system of equations has infinite points of intersection