Fortune is distributed as follows : the 1st $5 million to the dog,1/2 the remainder to the teacher,$50 million to hospital,of the remaining 50% to wife,40% to daughter,9% to lawyer,1% to son... son is getting $10,000-How much was the fortune?- who gets the most money and how much?-​

Accepted Solution

Answer:Step-by-step explanation:Working backward, $10,000 is 1% of $1,000,000, so that is the amount of the "remaining."Apparently that is what is left of 1/2 the "remainder" after $50 million goes to the hospital. So 1/2 the "remainder" is $51M, which is also the amount the teacher gets. Those came out of a total of 2Γ—$51M = $102M, which is the amount after the dog's $5M share.The fortune was $107 million. The shares were ...dog: $5 Mteacher: $51 M (the most money)hospital: $50 Mwife: $500,000daughter: $400,000lawyer: $90,000son: $10,000